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Soccer  ×  Oversea

1. Foreign coaches teaching the overseas latest Soccer Techniques 

2.Various activities for Adaptability, Ability to take action, and a Global Perspective

3. Connections regardless of generations

4. Supporting Career Paths according to individual Goals and Talents 



is Upbringing Children Project 

by emphasizing to


・Clear the "Purpose" of your action

・Learn Adaptability

・Take a Global View 


through soccer.

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1. Teaching the overseas latest Soccer Techniques 


Coaching staff of FC REALE Japan is international and full of cultural diversity


Foreign coaches of High levels of skill will advise you

of the most advanced European tactics and ideas  

from a professional's point of view 

And Japanese coaches focused on encouraging "Individual" strength


You can get stimulated and widen your knowledge

through the Special Class opened by foreign coaches

from various countries and Japanese professional athletes.

2. Various Events and Lectures Activities


・Training in English by a foreign coach

・Athletes Dietary education

・Social contribution activities 

・English class

・Overseas Exchange 

We offer

"Chance" and "Environment"

for Children

to Grow up through activities.

Training by Santosh coach and Matija coach in English

Offering a great opportunity of soccer training courses  

by foreign coaches with the most advanced knowledge,

conducted in English. 

You can learn from basic techniques to European tactics. 

Through the course, 

Practical English skills and Global Perspective expected 

in the future society will be developed.

Daietary Education  

Mr. Ryuichi OKADA Director of Athlete Farm


For athlete and children in growth period 

"Balanced Diet" is essential. 


Nutrient Consultant, Mr. OKADA teaching 

What to eat,  

When to eat,

Importance of knowing yourself, 

How to spend time outside of the pitch, 

and How to live your life through Diet

Social contribution activities

FC REALE Japan does not only train physically

but also stimulate internal growth.


Donating Shoes to developing countries 

Collecting Funds for own tournaments

Thanks Letter to the Self-Defense Forces

for their hard work on Atami landslides disaster


Participating in Social Contribution Activities 

from childhood will make their future.

Learning English as a Communication Tool

 We open English Class 

for children to play an active role

in the future globalized society


    Instead of teaching grammar like in school

we strengthen practical skill to communicate

with foreigners 

Target is to Express yourself

Overseas Exchange 

Know Different Cultures and

Broaden Perspectives  


FC REALE Kids in Japan & Nepal 

having International Exchange


By sharing Each Culture, Ways of thinking, Environment

It will be an opportunity to update the sense of Values


3.Connections regardless of generations


FC REALE values vertical relationships beyond generations

Children of different school grade train and play together

Upper grades voluntarily support Lower grades,

sharing own experiences,

deepening the Bond


During the summer holidays, the graduates come back and spend time together to play soccer


For the graduates FC REALE is their Home 

where they can come back anytime,

where they can meet old friends,

where they can ask for advice



​ 4. Supporting Career Path

according to Individual Goals and Talents


FC REALE fully supports Children's Dreams

You can get wide range of chances as

Study Abroad, Overseas Team Trial, J League Youth Team Trial

It is not just soccer 

Develop the "Individual" and Cultivate talent to

realize your Dream in any fields




Shizuoka Ito Futo 1317-5030


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