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International Challenge Cup in Kamakura

On March 28th and 29th, I participated in the International Challenge Cup in Kamakura at everyone's pigeon Sabre Stadium in Kama

While there are usually many matches in the prefecture, the two-day and one-night expedition outside the prefecture was a valuable experience.

Many strong teams participated in this tournament, saying that if they won the championship, they would be invited to the German tournament.

Go for the championship. Go to Germany.

On the first day, we played three games in the group league.

With three losses, he was able to play against regular and strong national teams, and his children and coaching staff were also inspired.

On the second day, I lost the group league following the results of the first day, so I played three interleague games.

The result was one win and two losses.

Challenge yourself a lot even in an exchange match.

Among them, we were playing hard to embody what was going on and what wasn't going to work for a strong team, without fear of failure.

And the children experienced a lot of things during this expedition, and it made me feel like I'm still going to grow.

If I have a chance to play against you next time, I will cherish my daily practice so that I can definitely win.

In addition to soccer, in this expedition, we were able to spend time with our friends, hang out the laundry, prepare our own food, and think about what we usually do for our parents.

I hope the children will feel something and grow up after this expedition!

Thank you to the team, competition officials, and parents for this match.

Thank you for your continued support for FC REALE IZU.

Text by FC REALE IZU Coach Mitarai

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