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REALE CUP 2022/23

REALE CUP 2022-23

First of all, a very big thank you to everyone involved in making REALE CUP 2022-23 such a great success. We were fortunate to be blessed with good weather and fantastic support from the local community, supporters (CERTIFIED NPO REALE WORLD, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, Nilbarahi Banquet, Design and Prints, Zigzag Photostudio) , the teams, parents and coaches.

There were competitive games throughout the league, with teams demonstrating good sportsmanship and we hope that everyone really enjoyed themselves.

The tournament Philosophy/Concept

REALE CUP is organised every year in FC REALE GROUND, Madhyapur thimi 08 Bode. Every year the theme of Reale Cup is different. This year's (022/023) theme was "YOUTH DEVELOPMENT" for sports culture. Reale Cup 22-23(also Reale Youth Development League) was focused on bringing the sports culture in the local community as to aware the need of active lifestyles, physical and psychological development in kids, & need of open spaces for healthy community. We started by educating our REALE coaches. "Reale Youth Development Coaching Module-1" was introduced to every coaches so as to be able to know the physical,social, cognitive & psychological needs of growing kids/youth. Reale Cup training sessions and matchdays was designed systematically and scientifically directly dedicated to kids/youths of different ages.

Larger part of our community cannot afford sports or club academies, as sports and academies being expensive. Reale Cup invites kids from common ground to participate in the tournament with best minimal fee or free of cost. Reale Cup is adventure for kids, given opportunity to join a football academy, challenge to make new friends and have fun!!

The tournament was categoried to U10, U13 and U15 while the match being played every Saturdays. In this tournament, players had to register themselves individually, no team registration! Two invited academies namely Khwopa Kings and SWSC FA also participated in Reale Cup The total number of participating players in Reale Cup 2022-23 is 225!!!

U10 team consists of 7 teams with 8-15 players in each team aging 7, 8 & 9 years. In total, we had 87 participants in U10 category. (Team Names According to final day)

1. Team Garud

2. Team SWSC

3.Team Khwopa Kings

4.Team Kumari

5.Team lakhe

6.Team Bhairav

7.Team Narsimha

U13 team consists of 6 teams with 8-15 players in each team aging 10,11&12 years. In total, we had 73 participants in U13 category.

(Team Names According to final day)

1.Team Khwopa Kings

2.Team Garud

3.Team SWSC

4.Team Pulu Kishi

5.Team lakhe

6.Team Bhairav

U15 team consists of 5 teams with 8-15 players in each team aging 13&14 years. In total, we had 65 participants in U15 category.

(Team Names According to final day)

1.Team SWSC

2.Team Bhairav

3.Team Khwopa Kings

4.Team Lakhe

5.Team Kumari

Changes in kids

Kids switched their habits of waking up late in the morning and using mobile phones everytime to waking up early to training sessions for exercises.

There was much more development in basic fundamental and motor skills including multidirenctional running ability, jumping kicking rolling catching , strength , edurance, speed etc.

Kids developed healthy and smart food habits. With the help of Nutrition class being organised in the middle weeks of Reale Cup, Ryuichi Okada(dietician) knowledged us about what and when to eat.

One of the toughest challenge in Madhyapur Thimi was kids are lonely during their time in family and society. Kids don't get out and play with friends (addicted to mobilephones) as resulting in less social and psychologcial development. But, in Reale Cup kids of similar ages can come to train and have fun. This helps to avoid anxiety, boredom, loneliness addiction and develop self-confidence, positivity, emotional stability, cooperation, mutual understanding , respect and discipline. This will later help in active social life.

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