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Sports period in Shankhadhar School!

Reale World-Nepal, in leadership of Bal Gopal Shahukhala, collaborating with principal of Shankhadhar school Mr. Madan Sundar Shrestha and support from Reale Coaches started sports period in Shankhadhar School for about 1 month from late February.

In fact, Reale World planned such an experiment to introduce sports in academic curriculum in 2014 and was about to implement it at Anadakuti School in the outskirts of Kathmandu. However, just after that, in April 2015, a major earthquake occurred in Nepal. The school building of Anadakti School collapsed, and the plan was temporarily canceled. After that, for several years, recovery from the damage of the earthquake became a priority, and while doing so, the new corona infectious disease was prevalent. Implementation had been postponed.

But we were finally able to restart the eight-year-old plan in Shankhadhar School.

After the lunch break, the forty five minutes sports period includes indoor and outdoor games for all the students of class three to seven. This period is especially designed for physical, mental and psychological growth of students and inevitable to be a good human being.

FC REALE coaches Anish (volleyball & kho-kho coach ) , Niroj (Football coach) , Rijen (Dodgeball and Basketball coach) and Bijen ( Indoor Sports Coach) are sports teachers to students. Coaches are aware about child safe guarding, first aid, education, medical, equality, refereeing and psychological aspects of the game. Each and every class and section gets to play different sports and games every day ( Indoor games includes Badminton, Chess, Snake and Ladder, Carom-board, Table Tennis, Hula Hoop, Skipping & Outdoor games include Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Football). As soon as the kids finish their lunch , kids go to their respective field of play with their class teacher to play games.

“Students are excited for games everyday. They have grown their appetite and finish their tiffin quicker. Students are active during the play and attentive to academic class even after the sports period. It has developed self esteem in students. I am really happy with the beginning of the sports period”- Ganga Laxmi Shrestha (English and Social Teacher)

During the play, students are described and demonstrated about the techniques of games. Motor development is the goal. Students are challenged to match practice slowly with different drill practices ( breakdown components of the match) . Skill and cognitive development is the goal. Free game play time is given to kids to express their ability , knowledge and skills into the match.

The aim of the sports period is to develop agility, balance, coordination, speed , flexibility, mobility and to grow strength, power and endurance. Students will grow more self confidence, awareness and perception, discipline and respect, & motivation.

“Regular games have helped us to move on from a stressful education curriculum which is boring. Now, we have fun with friends. Games are tricky to win. We always want to win everyday. But we have a problem with school uniforms. It is uncomfortable to play games. Space of play is unhygienic and small. We might clash with each other while running and get injured!” – Class 6 Section Moon’s Voice.

In future we will introduce many more games to students for overall development. Diet and nutrition class are knowledgeable. First aid, rest and recovery classes will be taught during the rainy days. We want to educate the teachers about games and child handling.

Next year’s curriculum will start in April. After the trail class of sports, Bal Gopal and Mr. Madan Sundar planned to conduct the class thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday). There will be three sports periods ; Period 1 to 3(-Class 3 to 10) . The dress code will be trousers in the sports period days.

Let’s create a fun, learning environment for the students !

Text by Anish

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